Top 8 Best Selling Arcade Games: Pac-Man is the Very Popular Game of Perpetuity

Pac-Man is a maze arcade game developed and launched by Namco in 1980. The initial Japanese title of Puck Man was altered to Pac-Man for global releases as a preventative step against defacement of the arcade equipments. The game is necessary and also influential, and also it is generally detailed as one of the best video games of all time. according to data put together by on the internet publication U.S. Gamer.

This Statista Infographics chart shows the best-selling arcade games of all time.


Pac-Man has devoured even more quarters than any other arcade video game in history, to the tune of $3.5 billion by 1990 Even though Namco would certainly go on to go after the women group directly a few years later on with Ms. Pac-Man, the original was such a large hit exactly because it attracted such a wide audience, consisting of females.

It was a pacifist game (well, unless you count Pac-Man devouring on ghosts as fierce) as well as unlike a number of its contemporaries, was NOT an additional area shooter with a massive 400,000 cabinets offered, Pac-Man was among the largest cultural sensations of the 1980s as well as stands as one of the most essential video games ever made.

It also stands the test of time and also is every bit as habit forming today as it was back when it was consuming the country’s allocations for morning meal.

2. Space Invaders

Among the earliest game launches and also the one that is typically credited with beginning the “Golden Age of Game,” Taito/Midway’s Space Invaders is living evidence that being first is sometimes every little thing, as although numerous various other video games would improve upon the Space Invaders formula, none of them resembled matching its overwhelming commercial success.

Released in Japan in June 1978, it really did not take long for Room Invaders to come to be a cultural phenomenon, eventually offering 360,000 closets around the world as well as producing over $2.7 billion in earnings– in fact, Area Invaders gained more in its first year in the United States than the film Celebrity Wars carried out in that very same duration.

This is a testament to Space Intruders’ straightforward, yet addictive gameplay formula, which placed gamers in control of a ship trying to quit a crowd of descending aliens.

3. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II was so successful actually that it is cited as a vital title in helping spur a game resurgence in the very early ’90s after game operators experienced decreasing earnings in the mid-80s.

Jaz Rignall estimates that Street Fighter II gained an estimated $2.3 billion in profits at the game alone, which doesn’t consider the various other $1.5 billion it made via residence console ports.

4. Ms. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a video game that appealed to both men and women alike, but that didn’t quit Midway from choosing to target the women group directly with Ms. Pac-Man, whose title personality was really simply Pac-Man with a pink bow.

Although it was never able to top the initial launch, Ms. Pac-Man still took care of to become one of one of the most effective arcade video games of all time, marketing 125,000 closets and generating $1.2 billion in revenue. Not bad for a game that was at first launched without Namco’s permission!

5. NBA Jam

NBA Jam is everything about design and sports heroics, which suggests that it consistently turns into a competition between super-powered basketball players.
The amazing thing about NBA Jam is that in spite of only selling concerning 20,000 cupboards, it’s still among the highest-grossing gallery video games of all time. The video game raked in an approximated $1.1 billion by 1994, which averages out to a monstrous standard of $55,000 per cupboard.

To put it simply, don’t allow NBA Jam’s relatively low positioning on this checklist fool you, as this is quickly one of one of the most successful game games of perpetuity.

6. Defender

The brainchild of Eugene Jarvis (that would go on to create the aforementioned Robotron: 2084) as well as Larry DeMar, Defender’s substantial success is somewhat surprising in hindsight, offered its rather complicated style.

With its high energy, shoot ’em up gameplay, gamers ate up Defender’s difficult-to-master however satisfying style and assisted make it one of the most successful game games of perpetuity, with lifetime earnings around the $1 billion mark.

7. Asteroids

A vital title in the popular and competitive space shooter genre from game’s golden age, Asteroids built on earlier titles like Area Wars and also Area Invaders to provide an experience that differed anything else back in 1979.

Although it was never ever able to top the tremendous popularity of Space Invaders, Asteroids still handled to relocate approximately 100,00 cabinets worldwide, producing $800 million in the process. It would go on to be commonly imitated and inspire a number of other space shooters, consisting of Defender as well as Gravitar.

8. Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat off into a whole lot of different merchandise, including comics, a collectible “Kard” game, movies, as well as house console ports.

Mortal Kombat II was even able to surpass the original video game in both cupboards offered (27,000) as well as revenue ($600 million), making it one of the most successful arcade fighters of all time.

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